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In each edition of this newsletter, I will share five inspiring web resources from the education sector that I have curated after hours and hours of research to ensure that you have the best education coffee in your inbox each week.

  1. Larry Rosenstock and Project- Based Learning in Action

    This is an interesting profile of Larry Rosentock, CEO and Founding Principal of High Tech High. Mr. Rosenstock is recognized for his lifelong dedication to rethinking K-12 learning and tackling inequality through education. He has pioneered the concept of project-based education – the idea that students can and must learn crucial academic skills through hands-on projects that integrate multiple disciplines, engage their interest, and have an authentic purpose. His model also reimagines the role of teachers as “designers” who adapt their curricula and blend a variety of subjects based on the specific needs of each student.

  2. Job Hunting After the BEd./Colin Pierce

    This session by Colin Pierce, LTO in the Upper Grand District and Althouse Alumni (2020) will help current teacher candidates understand how to navigate the early years in your teaching career after you graduate. This includes the transition into substitute teaching, long term occasional jobs, additional qualifications, and more.

  3. Kelly Gallagher’s Writing, Podcasts and Videos on Developing Readers and Writers

    Since 1985, Kelly Gallagher has devoted himself to the teaching of reading, writing, listening and speaking—first and foremost, as a high school ELA teacher in Anaheim, California, and also as an author/consultant who works with educators around the world.  Today, he is considered one of the leading voices in literacy education. My Associate Teacher introduced me to his work and I have learned a lot by reviewing his books and website. I am currently reading 180 Days by this author.

  4. Penny Kittle’s Writing, Podcasts and Videos on Developing Readers and Writers

    Penny Kittle teaches freshman composition at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. She was a teacher and literacy coach in public schools for 34 years, 21 of those spent at Kennett High School in North Conway. She is the co-author of 180 Days with Kelly Gallagher, and is the author of Book Love, and Write Beside Them, which won the James Britton award. My Associate Teacher introduced me to her work and I have learned a lot by reviewing her books and her website. I am currently reading 180 Days by this author.

  5. Learning Stories with Jatan Mehta

    I started a YouTube Channel called ‘Learning Stories’. This is a show where we interview a diverse set of learners from the 21st century. Each guest profiled here has a unique story to share about how they acquired a set of valuable skills and knowledge in a creative and innovative manner. In the process, we hope to uncover a new understanding of learning as conceptualized, imagined, and narrated in these learning stories.

    On Episode 1 of #LearningStories​ we chat with Jatan Mehta. Jatan is a science writer passionate about humanity's future in space. He was the former science officer at TeamIndus Moon Mission. His portfolio can be found at and you can find him on Twitter @uncertainquark. He is currently a contributing editor to Planetary Society.

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