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5 inspiring web resources on Education in your inbox

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In each edition of this newsletter, I will share five inspiring web resources from the education sector that I have curated after hours and hours of research to ensure that you have the best education coffee in your inbox.

  1. “Paper Towns and why learning is awesome” by John Green

    In this video the author and youtuber John Green talks about why learning is awesome and how he found a community of like-minded learners and teachers in the online video world.

  2. “My four productivity tools” by Sharad Bansode

    I have been studying digital content creators and how they use video to keep their audience engaged. Here is one creator that inspired me. In this video he talks about four productivity tools that help him with the process of creation that includes waking up early, the Pomodoro technique, temperance, and having conversations. I love the Pomodoro technique that involves working in 25-minute windows and then taking a 5-minute break. After four such session you take a 30 minute break. I experimented with this technique this past week and realised it was really effective to keep me focused through the day. The 5 minute window helped me adjust based on how I felt through the day. In the 5 minute window we normally do something unrelated to our work.

  3. Learning Tool Recommendation - Feedly

    Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. It is also available as a cloud-based service. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others. Feedly was first released by DevHD in 2008. I use this mobile application to stay up to date with all the blogs I read. Whenever I am outside and waiting in a queue, I open this application and read an article or two. It is a very effective tool to stay up to date with your reading online.

  4. Book Recommendation - ‘The Gardener and the Carpenter’ by Alison Gopnik (2016)

    A developmental psychologist describes how two competing models of parenting show a preference for different understandings of what child development and learning should actually be like. I’m the first model there is a parent trying to create a piece of furniture using a set blue print. In the second model there is a parent that tried to create a garden with all the stimulus needed for a flower to grow in the path that they choose with guidance. Worth the read for the many interesting scientific studies that Gopnik refers to in her essays.

  5. Learning Stories Episode 5 - Janak Rathod

    I started a YouTube Channel called ‘Learning Stories’. This is a show where we interview a diverse set of learners from the 21st century. Each guest profiled here has a unique story to share about how they acquired a set of valuable skills and knowledge in a creative and innovative manner. In the process, we hope to uncover a new understanding of learning as conceptualized, imagined, and narrated in these learning stories.

    On Episode 5 of #LearningStories​​ we chat with Janak Rathod. Janak Rathod is a photographer and photojournalist based out of Mumbai. He was born and raised in Bahrain where he completed my schooling until 12th grade. He studied for a BFA with photography at Symbiosis University, Pune, and further ahead enrolled himself for a diploma course to study photojournalism at the Udaan School Of Photography in Mumbai. He then interned for 'The Indian Express', and is now currently working as a freelancer in Mumbai. As a photographer and photojournalist, he enjoys making observations that either become photographs or notes in his journal. He sees poetry hidden almost everywhere and tries his best to put that in a photograph.

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