What is Education Coffee?

Education Coffee is a newsletter that aims to curate the best web resources from the education sector each week. In each edition of this newsletter, I will share five inspiring web resources that I have curated after hours and hours of research to ensure that you have the best education coffee in your inbox each week.

Why Coffee?

We all love a brimming hot cup of freshly brewed coffee each morning. It refreshes and energizes our minds. Similarly, as educators, it is important to energize and refresh our thinking with new ideas and stories related to education. This newsletter aims to curate those ideas and stories for you from the education sector. This newsletter is your Education Coffee.

Who brews the Coffee?

It is curated by Abhishek Shetty or Mr. Shetty, a high school English Language Arts and Social Sciences Teacher who spends a lot of his free time exploring web resources related to education. You can reach out to Mr. Shetty on Twitter @AbhishekShetty_.

Why Subscribe?

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